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Shanbo is an experienced DC motor manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including planetary gearbox, DC tachogenerator, micro DC servo motor and more.

Main Products
  • 110mm PMDC MotorThis series of 110mm PMDC motor comes with the features of low voltage but high output torque, capable of driving various kinds of large machinery such as machine tool, automatic production line and other mechanical equipment. Besides several motors such as 110ZT53 have 110V working voltage, the rest of motors are blessed with 24V or 48V...
  • 160mm PMDC MotorThe ZYT series of PMDC motor offers the largest outside diameter up to 160mm. Also the series has a maximum output power of 3000W. And its maximum torque is up to 9.55N.M. Thanks to its features of high output power and high torque, this series can be widely used in locomotive, special vehicles and other machinery...