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Shandong Shanbo Electric Machine Group Co., Ltd. is a DC motor manufacturer in China. We are fully dedicated to the R&D, manufacture, and sale of over 2000 kinds of products which include various DC motors, special electric motor, micro DC servo motor, brushless motor, and related products such as planetary gearbox. Shanbo products are usually used as drive component or executive component of automatic control system. Our quality DC motors are ideal for use in machine tool, automobile, welding equipment, mechanical equipment and many other applications.

To ensure the superior quality of our products, we imported a variety of advanced mechanical equipment and test equipment from excellent overseas suppliers. The equipment include electrical dynamometer, dynamic balancing machine, global gauge, magnetizing apparatus, universal length measuring machine, temperature & humidity test chamber, Swiss gear grinding machine, and so on. Over 1300 employees all receive through training, so they can skillfully operate these mechanical or test equipment to produce high quality products with high efficiency and a low rejection rate. Therefore, we can provide rare earth magnet PMDC motor and DC tachogenerator at competitive prices for clients.

Our company also is a testing station for small and medium sized DC motor in Shandong province. We set up motor research centre, motor test centre to help us develop and test our products. With the R&D ability of various kinds of motors, we have technology cooperation with many famous universities such as Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Shandong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, etc. Therefore, 110SZ series DC servo motor wins the national silver medal, and our special electric motor, micro DC servo motor, and many other products are innovative in this filed. In the year of 2001, our trademark named "Shan Pai" was honored to receive the famous trademark title. And now we have become an enterprise capable of drafting the national standard for ZY, ZYT series PMDC Motor.

In addition, we have obtained ISO9001:2008 and ISO/ TS 16949: 2009 Quality Management System Certifications, Europe RoHS certification, CSA certification, GJB9001A-2001 military Quality Certification, and other certifications. Because of adherence to these international standards, our special electric motor, micro DC servo motor, planetary gearbox, and DC tachogenerator, etc. have received such positive feedback from international markets. A global sales network with over 50 countries and areas around the world has come into existence, including American, Europe, Canada, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and many more.

We are located near the Qingdao port in Zibo, Shandong, China, where transportation is accessible and affordable. With a complete industrial facility, our micro DC servo motor, planetary gearbox and other products are competitive and have earned a good reputation in international market. Up to now, we have been in possession of three subsidiaries and eight holding subsidiaries.

Development History
In 1942, we founded Shanbo Electric Machine Factory and began to produce small scale DC generator and three-phase induction motor.
In 1951, our company developed and produced automotive starter and generator, which was an innovative action in China.
In 1953, our factory first began to produce three-phase asynchronous motor with gearbox.
In 1956, we became the enterprise which first manufactured tracked vehicle motor.
In 1957, our factory developed and produced micro DC motor, which is also the first production in China.
In the year of 1978 and 1984, our micro DC motor successively acquired the award from China National Science and Technology Committee and national silver medal.
In 1991, our company was authorized to establish Import & Export Company and obtained the export and import license.
In 1993, Shanbo Machine Factory was reformed as Shanbo Electric Machine Group Co., Ltd.
In 1998, we obtained ISO9001 quality system certification and "Shan Pai" was honored as a famous brand of Shandong province.
On 1st, October, 1999, our vehicle motor was awarded by Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense, National Machinery Bureau.
In 2001, "Shan Pai" wins the famous trademark title in this field.
In 2002, Shanbo obtained the research and production license of weapons and equipment.
In 2005, we were renamed as Shandong Shanbo Electric Machine Group Co., Ltd.
In 2007, our company passed the second level confidentiality qualification certification of weapons and equipment scientific research units.
In 2010, we were considered as high and new technology enterprise.
In 2011, our company was awarded as AAA grade enterprise of the credit.

Main Products
  • 64mm Micro DC MotorWith the excitation mode of ferrite, our 64mm micro DC motor adopts the simple cylindrical structure. The magnetic field is produced by coils around the ferrite rod. This series come with 64mm outside diameter, a little longer than 55ZY series. Although they are small but they all have a wide range of power from 3.5W to 650W...
  • 80mm Permanent Magnet DC MotorWith 80mm outside diameter, the ZYT series of permanent magnet DC motor is improved from 80ZY series. Its operating voltages come in two kinds 12V and 24V. However, it has high power, ranging from 113W to 400W. This product comes with high start torque with its maximum torque of 1.7N.M. This means our product has short startup time and high operating efficiency...