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Our planetary gearbox is a kind of industrial product which is widely used in these fields such as engineering machinery, automobile, vessel, petrochemical industry, light and textile Industry, medical apparatus and instruments, and solar power station. This product comes with a long life span, high rigidity, high precision, high torque and high transmission efficiency. In addition to these features, our gearbox has low noise, working with high stability.

As its name implies, this planetary gearbox is made of a central gear called sun gear and three gears known as planet gears that is rotating around the sun gear. This product provided by our company is lightweight and has a high load carrying capability. Its internal gear is treated with 20CvMnT by carburizing, quenching and gear grinding. Therefore, it is safe and reliable to manipulate.

Our company is an experienced planetary gearbox manufacturer based in China. Our products include brushless motor, forklift DC electric motor, DC motor, rare earth magnet PMDC motor, and much more.

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