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SZ (ZY) series DC servo tachogenerator is characterized by these merits of small size, compact structure, fast response as well as high stability and reliability. It is intended for mounting on mechanical equipment or automatic control system. More importantly, it offers only ±1% linearity error, meeting the accuracy requirements.

By adoption of coaxial structure, this tachogenerator is composed of 90 SZ (ZY) 01~09, 110SZ (ZY) 01~ 09, or 130 SZ (ZY) 01~09 micro DC servo motor and ZC01~99 or C01~99 Tachometer. It is ideally used as drive components or executive component in automatic control system.

Technical Data
Tachogenerator Model Output Gradient (V/Kr/Min) Linearity Error Load Resistance(Ω ) Excitation Method
ZC01 ≥ 5 ±1% 10000 Permanent Magnet
ZC51 ≥ 10
ZC52 ≥ 34
C01 ≥ 7
Mounting Types
Mounting Types Code Outside Diameter(mm)
Single Shaft Extension Double Shaft Extensions
Housing A5 AA5 36-130
Flange A3 AA3 36-130
Foot A1 AA1 90-130
Model Explanation
Conditions of Service
Altitude Operating Temperature Relatively Humidity Vibrational Frequency Acceleration Impact
≯ 4000 m -40 ℃~ 55 ℃ ≤95% (25 ℃) 10~ 150 Hz 2.5g 7g (peak value)

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