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Rare Earth Magnet PMDC Motor

Our rare earth magnet PMDC motor is characterized by low noise, high capacity, high efficiency, high accuracy and strong overloading capacity. Also, it is a kind of energy saving product. There are 3 kinds of magnetic materials including alnico magnet, ferrite magnet and rare earth magnet. And our product is produced from rare earth magnet, coming with features of small size and 28-73 outside diameter. It is ideal for robot, machining center, electromobile, computer, war projects and numerical control machine, etc. The SY series can work on a wide range of voltage from 9V to 110V. In addition, this PMDC motor has a wide range of output power ranging from 1.5 W to 1600 W. And our product with low noise level and steady operation can meet all your needs.

Technical Data
Motor Model Outside Diameter (mm) Voltage (V) Torque (N.m) Rev (r/ min) Output Power (W)
28SY-73SY Φ28-Φ73 9- 110 0.005 – 2.5 3000-10000 1.5 - 1600

Shanbo is an experienced rare earth magnet PMDC motor manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including brushless DC motor, 64mm micro DC motor, DC servo tachogenerator, and more.

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