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Our micro DC servo motor comes with simple structure, varied kinds, and full range of specifications. In addition to these features, it is characterized by its wide range of output power and wide range of rotational speeds, widely used as executive component or drive component of automatic control system and other systems. The outside diameter ranges from 55mm to 130mm. Furthermore, this is a new series. Compared with old S series, SZ series has the features of light weight, small size, high capacity, and a high degree of universalization.

Mounting Types
Mounting Types Code Outside Diameter (mm)
Single Shaft Extension Double Shaft Extensions
Housing A5 AA5 36-130
Flange A3 AA3 36-130
Foot A1 AA1 90-130

This SZ series can find its applications in many fields including machine tools, printing machinery, electric lift, linear cutting machine and automatic assembly line. There are 3 kinds of excitation methods and they are respectively string excitation, compound excitation and separate excitation. Our servo motor with a wide range of output power and a wide range of rotational speeds can cater for your different requirements.

Model Explanation

1. Number "130" means this product has 130mm outside diameter. There are several kinds of outside diameter in our company and they are 36mm, 45mm, 55mm, 90mm, 110mm, and 130mm.
2. Product code "SZ" stands for DC servo motor.
3. Serial number of product is made of numbers. With the same outside diameter, serial number "01- 49" stands for short rotor shaft. "51- 99" means long rotor shaft and "101-149" is a symbol for extra long rotor shaft.
4. Excitation method is expressed by letters. The capital C means string excitation. Capitalized F stands for compound excitation. If there is no letter indicating the excitation methods, this motor adopts separate excitation.

Shanbo is a professional micro DC servo motor manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide array of products, including DC tachogenerator, 80mm permanent magnet DC motor, green vehicle DC electric motor, and more.

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