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Recreational Vehicle DC Motor

Our recreational vehicle DC motor is featured in the combined design of motor and reduction gear which is designed to reduce the rotational speed to enhance bearing capacity of motor. This product comes with the minimum rotational speed of 7 rev per min. Therefore, it has a high torque and a strong bearing capacity, ideal for installing in a wide range of recreational vehicles. Additionally, 64 or 84 outside diameter is available.

Outline and Mounting Dimensions
Motor Model Voltage (V) Rev (r/ min) Output Power (W) Weight (Kg)
110ZYT72-NMRV-050-7.5 24~48 200~400 200~400 ≯ 14
Motor Model Voltage (V) Rev (r/ min) Output Power (W) Weight (Kg)
90ZYD51 12~72 20~80 100~400 ≯ 5.
Motor Model L C Voltage (V) Rev (r/ min) Output Power (W) Weight (Kg)
64ZYC01 200 64 12~48 7~20 25~70 ≯ 3.5
84ZYC01 225 84 12~48 7~15 20~80 ≯ 4.5
Motor Model Voltage (V) Rev (r/ min) Output Power (W) Weight (Kg)
90ZYD51-WJ52 12~72 20~80 100~400 ≯ 5.0

Shanbo is a China-based recreational vehicle DC motor manufacturer. We provide various types of products such as brushless DC motor, DC servo tachogenerator, 160mm PMDC motor, and 55mm micro DC motor.

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